ELVIS PRESLEY'S record label have been accused of rigging the British singles chart, so his re-released hits all hit the number one spot.

All 18 of the late rock legend's UK number one singles are being re-released in successive weeks, in a bid by Sony/BMG to cash in before the 50-year copyright protection on sound recordings expires on his earlier hits across much of Europe.

But fans of The King are complaining the singles are unobtainable - as only 20,000 copies of each song is being released.

Some record stores are only receiving two copies of each song in a ploy to ensure each CD is sold out by the time the next song hits the shops, maximising the chance of securing the Number one spot.

Sony/BMG have pledged to make more copies available, but a secret document sent to record shops yesterday (25JAN05) reportedly tells retailers not to expect any more.

26/01/2005 14:16