Review of Johnny Cash Single by Sons And Daughters

Sons And Daughters

Sons and Daughters - Johnny Cash - Single Review

Sons and Daughters

Johnny Cash

( 04/10/2004 Domino Records)

Floating in the orbit betwixt the two planets occupied by modern musos The Kills and Franz Ferdinand; this Glaswegian quartet launches a gem from their sauntering debut ‘Love The Cup’. Singers Scot Patterson and Adele Bethel sprinkle some country essence over their post punk base in order to concoct a fiery and curious number. The spirit of Brian Clough lives on in Domino records, as they have made just one signing this year and it is of the shrewd, dark horse elk.

Sons and Daughters - Johnny Cash - Single Review

Scott provides the lead vocals on this track with Adele joining in to screech things to an intriguing end.

New track ‘Hunt’ comprising of Adele’s slightly miffed, but crisp lead vocals, mingles neatly with the slower and creepier instrumentals than S & D are renowned for thus far in their short career. This number will definitely help to keep up the intrigue surrounding this alluring outfit.

David Adair