Sonny Bono's sidewalk star, which was dug up years ago for a construction project, has been relocated to Palm Springs Canyon Drive, California. The late singer-turned-politician's star was removed during the renovation of Palm Springs Walk, but was relaid in front of a bronze statue of the sixties star on Palm Canyon Drive during a ceremony on Saturday (07APR07). Members of the public were invited to the unveiling ceremony and the star's wife, congresswoman MARY BONO and children CHIANNA and CHESARE BONO were also in attendance. She says, "It's unbelievably beautiful. The kids and I come down here often or drive by the statute. I think of this place as the heart of downtown. We're honoured." Bono, who was married to singer Cher for nearly 10 years, died in a skiing accident in January 1998 in South Lake Tahoe, California. He was 62.