Sonic Youth are following in the footsteps of Sir Paul McCartney by releasing a compilation album on coffee shop chain Starbucks' new Hear Music label. The veteran New York band have asked artists, including Beck and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, to choose their favourite Sonic Youth song and to write some words for the CD's inlay card to accompany their selection. Sonic Youth will also be recording a new track for the forthcoming album. Moore tells website, "We sort of devised this idea of a Sonic Youth record where we asked all these different people to choose their favourite song, people like artists and actors and other musicians and what have you. "So all these people, from Jeff Tweedy to Beck to Marc Jacobs to Portia De Rossi to Michelle Williams, they all chose their favourite songs and wrote a little thing about it. "So it's a compilation record of artists choosing songs of Sonic Youth. There's going to be one exclusive song of ours that we'll record, so that's something we have to record."