Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore has signed a deal for releases by his cult record label to be distributed through media giant Universal Music Group. The SUGAR KANE rocker has run Ecstatic Peace since 1981 and admits the new deal with Universal, which will see certain releases go through the conglomerate's Fontana distribution company, is a bold move for such a modest independent label. He tells website, "It's always been sort of a bedroom vanity label for me, releasing 500 copies of records. "But through the years, I would keep getting demos from musicians that were really good and had such potential accessibility to go beyond the fringe that I was dealing with. "A lot of these artists really wanted to be associated with Ecstatic Peace, and I was like, well, I pretty much do this out of my bedroom, and most of the stock sits in my basement. "I have this desire to elevate it and put these records out that I think will do really well. "I'm being very cautious about this thing with Universal. I want to expose that aesthetic that exists in the underground to the mainstream without being presumptuous about it. "Our deal is very modest. It's not like it was even five, ten years ago, where it was just funny money being thrown at young upstarts. Thank God! "Even though I could do with the coin, it's great not to have that kind of pressure." Among the first releases to benefit from the arrangement will be the upcoming album from PAGODA, the band fronted by LAST DAYS actor Michael Pitt.