Sonic Youth legends Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore regret allowing tragic rockstar Kurt Cobain to distance himself from them during the 18 months preceding his suicide in 1994.

Gordon plays a record executive in upcoming movie LAST DAYS, which is loosely based on the Nirvana legend's downward spiral.

Gordon, who attempts to persuade doomed fictional rocker Blake to change his lifestyle in the film, says, "We didn't have much contact with Kurt that last year and a half; he was pretty much distanced.

"(With the dialogue in the film), I was really thinking about what could have hopefully jolted (Cobain) out of his perspective."

Guitarist Moore, who worked on Last Days as musical adviser, still torments himself by thinking of ways he could have helped Cobain.

He says, "I think anybody who knew Kurt fantasises about some conversation that they could have had with him that might have saved this person from such a tragedy."

27/07/2005 05:32