Former Sonic Youth star Kim Gordon has hit out at Lana Del Rey for shunning feminism.

The veteran rocker cited an interview with the Video Games hitmaker in The Fader magazine in which she stated, "Whenever people bring up feminism, I'm like, god. I'm just not really that interested."

Gordon slammed Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Grant, for her lack of support for the issue and takes aim at the pop star's sex life.

In her memoir Girl in a Band, Gordon writes, "Today we have someone like Lana Del Rey, who doesn't even know what feminism is, who believes it means women can do whatever they want, which, in her world, tilts towards self-destruction, whether it's sleeping with gross older men or being a transient biker queen.

"Equal pay and equal rights would be nice. Naturally, it's just a persona. If she really truly believes it's beautiful when young musicians go out on a hot flame of drugs and depression, why doesn't she just off herself?"

Girl in a Band is to be released on 24 February (15).