Sondre Lerche Announces The Release Of A Live Album 'Bootlegs' Out September 4th 2012

Sondre Lerche Announces The Release Of A Live Album 'Bootlegs' Out September 4th 2012

Sondre Lerche celebrates 30th birthday with the release of live album + national tour

For the first time ever, sondre's first 4 albums will be released on vinyl with extra tracks & outtakes

Adored Norwegian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Sondre Lerche will celebrate his 30th birthday with a handful of limited edition releases this fall. Along with a live album entitled Bootlegs, set for a September 4th release, Mona Records will press Sondre's first 4 albums - Faces Down, Two Way Monologue, Duper Sessions and Phantom Punch - on vinyl (for the first time ever) that will include bonus tracks and outtakes.

To thank fans for their support, Sondre will head out on a 4-week national tour beginning September 5th in New York City. These special dates will see Sondre play fan favorites from his deep collection of songs that have Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum, Elle, Entertainment Weekly and countless others, calling Sondre one of his generation's smartest singer/songwriters.

Bootlegs - recorded at famed rock venue Hulen in Bergen, Norway and various clubs in Brooklyn, NY along Sondre's latest tour in support of his self-titled album - thrills Sondre for good reason.

"For 12 years I've had to endure the constant disappointment of hearing professional multi-track live recordings of my shows. Recordings that appeared to have little or nothing to do with the experience I enjoy so much up on stage. No matter how professionally recorded, mixed and treated - live recordings seemed chronically incapable of doing justice to the chaotic intensity of simply being there."

Sondre excitedly goes on to say, "This was the first time I had actually felt excited upon hearing a recording of one of my shows. For once the recording felt more inspired than the actual performance had felt at the time. Only now do I realize that it's raw as f@*k. Completely out of balance. There's no separation, only two tracks: one is the board, the other is the room. The crowd is enthusiastic but easily distracted and rowdy; it's a Saturday night in Norway. This is as close to the feeling of actually being up on stage as I'll ever get on a record."

"I wanted you to be able to hear me and the band this way (mistakes and all) rather than through some glorified live rendition that sounds more like an uninspired studio recording with extended applauses and drums that sound like plastic. I wanted you to hear us when we didn't know you were listening. It would appear that's the best way to get it right. Once you know you're being recorded, the show is over."

Through an impressive career, Sondre has continually put together inventive videos to compliment his infectious songs. Watch two of them below.