Sonar 2013 Continues Its International Journey To Japan, And For The First Time Expands Its Scope To Two Cities: Tokyo And Osaka

Sonar 2013 Continues Its International Journey To Japan, And For The First Time Expands Its Scope To Two Cities: Tokyo And Osaka

SonarSound Tokyo 2013 will be presenting around 40 Japanese and international artists over 2 days and on 4 stages.
Karl Hyde, LFO, Nicolas Jaar, Boys Noize, Sherwood & Pinch, Darkstar, Actress, John Talabot, Shiro Takatani and xxxy are among the first confirmed artists.

For the first time, the Asian version of Sónar will feature an appetizer to the festival in Osaka, the country's second largest city. The event is called "A Taste of Sonar Osaka" and will present some of the artists who will be performing at SonarSound Tokyo over two nights in two different venues.

Boys Noize
Akiko Kiyama
Shiro Takatani: CHROMA
Nicolas Jaar
Karl Hyde
John Talabot
Yosi Horikawa
Univers, Osaka
SonarSound Tokyo
... and more artists to be confirmed

2 nights, 4 stages and over 40 artists  
The 6th SonarSound Tokyo, Sónar's Japanese festival, will take place on 6 and 7 April in the Japanese capital, at the venue ageHa Studio Coast. In anticipation of upcoming additions, Sonarsound Tokyo has now confirmed more than 20 artists. The line-up - as usual at Sónar festivals around the world - presents major figures in today's international arena and some of the most exciting artists from the local scene, as well as the SonarDôme stage, curated by Red Bull Music Academy.

Luminaries of international electronica
The international names include the international debut Karl Hyde (Underworld) new artistic solo project; Mark Bell and his legendary project LFO live; the emotional and refined live show by the prodigious Nicolas Jaar; highly touted collaboration of (Adrian) Sherwood & Pinch, combining British dub history and its cutting edge; the English artist Actress, one of the most respected musicians in the world right now; Barcelona's John Talabot, who continues touring with Sónar after the international success of "fIN"; the English dream pop trio Darkstar; and a set from Germany's finest, dj Boys Noize, one of the best possible masters of ceremonies for the dancefloor today.
The best of today's Japanese scene
The line-up of SonarSound Tokyo brings together some of the most interesting musicians and producers operating on the Japanese scene. The director and video artist Shiro Takatani, a collaborator with Ryuichi Sakamoto, premieres CHROMA, a large format visual show with several musicians playing live at SonarSound Tokyo. Playing just after his show is Toe, the high-flying math-post-rock band, which has a broad fan base in Japan.
Submerse was born in England but has been living in Tokyo for several years, and is one of the most active agents on the Japanese electronic scene, with a very personal sonic style, which has been described as J-garage. The combination of beatmakers Budamunk and Mabanua makes up Green Butter, a project in which they unleash their passion for slow-burning grooves. The young Sapphire Slows, a recent signing to the Los Angeles label Not Not Fun, engages in an experimental ambient style that brings her warm voice to the fore. At SonarSound Tokyo you can also enjoy the rhythms and remixes from the up and coming tofubeats, which are increasingly popular thanks to their countless tracks distributed over the Internet.
SonarDôme Stage by Red Bull Music Academy
Red Bull Music Academy presents a meticulously prepared line-up on the SonarDôme stage, which includes the presence of the great xxxy (house, garage), Britain's Om Unit and Illum Sphere (juke, beats & bass) and the most important Japanese participants who have passed through the Academy's classrooms in its 15-year history: Yosi Horikawa (who stunned everyone at Sónar 2012 with his impossible rhythms), sauce81 (synthetic funk and slow soul) Akiko Kiyama (painstaking techno) Hiroaki OBA (house and dance music) and Kidsuke (a beats and electronica project consisting of Daisuke Tanabe and Kidkanevil).
Actress (UK)
Akiko Kiyama (JP)
Boys Noize DJ Set (DE)
Darkstar (UK)
Green Butter (JP)
Hiroaki OBA (JP)
Illum Sphere (UK)
John Talabot (ES)
Karl Hyde (UK)
Kidsuke (UK-JP)
Nicolas Jaar (US)
Om Unit (UK)
Sapphire Slows (JP)
sauce81 (JP)
Sherwood & Pinch (UK)
Shiro Takatani: Chroma (JP)
Submerse (JP)
Toe (JP)
Tofubeats (JP)
xxxy (UK)
Yosi Horikawa (JP)
 ... and more artists to be confirmed
The first "A Taste of Sónar Osaka" features highlights from the line-up of SonarSound Tokyo presented over two nights, bringing the philosophy and experience of Sónar to Japan's second city, and one of its most dynamic as regards its cultural fabric. The first of the two nights (Friday 5 April) will include the now confirmed performances by Nicolas Jaar, Sherwood & Pinch, and Actress and will be held in the venue Univers; the second night (Monday 8 April) presents sets by Karl Hyde, Darkstar and Japan's Altz, who will be performing in the Umeda Club Quattro.
Actress (UK)
Altz (JP)
Darkstar (UK)
Karl Hyde (UK)
Nicolas Jaar (US)
Sherwood & Pinch (UK)
 ... and more artists to be confirmed
Sónar in the world 
With the new dates for 2013, the 42 events that Sónar will have staged around the world since 2002 are as follows:
London (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011) / Lisbon (2002) / Neuchatel (2002) / Hamburg (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006) / Tokyo (2002, 2004, 2006, 2011, 2012 and 2013) / Rome (2003) / São Paulo (2004, 2012 and 2013) / Lyons (2004) / Guadalajara (2004) / Buenos Aires (2006) / Seoul (2006) / Frankfurt (2007) / Washington (2009) / New York (2009) / Chicago (2010 and 2012) / Cape Town (2012) / Toronto (2012) / Denver (2012) / Oakland (2012) / Boston (2012) / Montreal (2012) / Los Angeles (2012) / Reykjavík (2013) / Osaka (2013)