Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor has had a miserable start to 2015 - she has been hospitalised with a chest infection and called in cops over a stolen necklace.

The actress was admitted to a medical centre in Mumbai, India on Monday (09Feb15) suffering from a respiratory illness and she shared her sadness with fans by posting on an image from her sick bed showing an intravenous drip in her hand.

She was released from the unit after recovering, and told fans on Wednesday (11Feb15), "Back at work... Feeling much better... Thank you so much for all the love."

However, illness is not the only piece of bad news Kapoor is dealing with - it has now emerged she called in police earlier this month (Feb15) over fears an $8,000 (£5,000) designer necklace had been stolen from her home.

The actress attended a party on 4 February (15) and placed the jewellery in a drawer after returning to her home in Juhu, Mumbai, but alleges the necklace was missing when she checked the following day.

She has filed a theft report with local police, who are investigating.