West Coast rapper Somaya Reece suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Monday night's instalment of reality series Love and Hip Hop (21 November, 2011), performing to a packed audience while her trousers were undone.
The show, which has drawn record audience numbers for its second series, is a "docu-soap" following the lives of six dynamic women in hip hop. During Monday's episode, Somaya was performing at an intimate venue, when things started to go a little awry. Unbeknownst to Somaya, as she rapped and danced at the same time, her trouser zip appeared to split, baring her underwear to the stunned audience. One onlooker was heard to say, "Her pants are unbuttoned", with another unconvincingly saying, "That's on purpose, that's on purpose". However, the MC played it professional and refused to end the routine after her malfunction was pointed out by a fan - in an interview following the show she said, "A fan in the audience pointed down to my fly, I looked down as I was rapping and thought oh my god.The show gotta go on, and im not gonna stop, boob out, leg out, whatever".
The second season of the VH1 show premiered on 14 November 2011 to an audience of 2.5 million - the network's highest rating for 2 years.