Actress Soleil Moon Frye is refusing to believe she is expecting a baby boy because she has spent the last five months of her pregnancy convinced she is having another daughter.

The former Punky Brewster star, who is already mum to two girls, revealed the gender of her third child with husband Jason Goldberg during a guest hosting stint on U.S. talk show The View on Wednesday (16Oct13), but the 37 year old admits she's not entirely sure doctors have got the sex right.

She said, "The thing is, I can't imagine a penis growing inside of me, so I keep saying, 'I think we know (we're having a boy), but I'm not sure.'

"I was so shocked because I always thought if you had two of one sex, the statistics are that you'll have a third the same sex, so I always thought we had three girls and my girls still don't completely believe me. They're like, 'If it's a boy, we're dressing him up.'"

Frye announced her pregnancy in August (13).