Solange Knowles reportedly ''snapped'' and attacked Jay Z after he ''made a comment that she didn't like.''

The 29-year-old musician, who is the younger sister of Jay's wife Beyoncé, throws a number of kicks and punches at the 'Holy Grail' rapper in CCTV footage from the elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York, and it's now been suggested the reaction came as a result of him taunting her.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ''Clearly she was on something at the party, she was drunk and out of it. She got in the elevator with Jay and Bey. He had made a comment that she didn't like, and she just snapped.''

The attack took place after the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other guests have reported that Solange may have had too much to drink while partying at the bash.

Another source added: ''She was the girl who drank too much and was behaving badly at the party.''

Solange has reportedly been dealing with various issues of late, including her complicated music career after leaving, or being dropped by Jay's Roc Nation record label - which managed her DJing career - last year.