Singer Solange Knowles has been bombarding her celebrity pals with emails urging them to download her new single to raise money for clean water access in Africa.
The star has teamed up with rocker Chris Taylor and musician Twin Shadow for the 'donate to download' track Kenya, with all proceeds benefitting the Replenish Africa Initiative (Rain).
And Beyonce's younger sister is so determined to help the charity reach its $10,000 (£6,250) goal to fund its clean water projects, she's taking full advantage of her star-packed address book.
She tells WENN, "We're trying to reach our $10,000 goal. I'm definitely looking forward to helping to raise (money) and reach that goal. I've been sending out emails to everyone in my contact list so hopefully that in itself will help to raise the goods!
"I know times are tough now and there's been so many projects that need attention, but I think one of the greatest things about this is that it's gonna be maintained by the community and that is something that doesn't happen very often in a lot of these campaigns and initiatives.
"It's sort of like you build and then you leave, and one of the greatest things (about Rain) is we're doing the full cycle, the water harvesting."