Solange Knowles' style icon is Michelle Obama.

The 'Losing You' singer - whose sister is superstar Beyonce Knowles - has great admiration for the US First Lady because she ''empowers'' women by what she wears and is not swayed by the opinions of others.

She told Huffington Post: ''Not only is Michelle's style just stunning, but I love what she does for the American people and the American women specifically in terms of owning yourself and not wavering it towards other people's perceptions, especially as a First Lady.

''I've seen people criticise her in terms of her showing arms or legs, but I think it's so amazing how she empowers women to have a really strong sense of self and go after what makes them happy.''

Discussing her own style, flamboyant Solange admits she often changes what she likes but is currently into a ''minimalist'' look which draws the eye to one key detail of the outfit.

She told ''I've sorta begun to go for the minimalist approach. Obviously I wear a lot of prints and a lot of colours, but there are so many different facets to my style and this last particular season had a very minimalist vibe.

''I can wear one colour, but there has to be a certain detail there. I like things that are extremely architectural and amazing, so I can just build an outfit around that.''