Solange Knowles gets nervous ''every time'' she performs.

The 29-year-old singer may have been working since she danced with Destiny's Child as a teenager, but she still has to ''fake it'' for the first few minutes she's out on stage.

Asked if she gets nervous, she said: ''Every time. I come out on stage and for the first song, I feel like I'm just faking it.

''For those first three minutes, it's like, 'OK, you can do this.' When you're on tour though, it's a bit more consistent.''

The 'Losing You' singer - who has a 10-year-old son, Julez, from a past relationship and is married to artist Alan Ferguson - has a very diverse selection of influences who inspire her music.

She explained: ''I listen to a lot of old Britney, but I'm pretty open about my love for her.

''I used to listen to *Nsync and Christina Aguilera, but I also liked the Chemical Brothers and Portishead.

''A lot of that had to do with being in London, it was a big part of my musical evolution. I have a lot of history with the city.''