Master P says the music industry has been ''missing'' Solange Knowles.

The 49-year-old record producer teamed up with the 30-year-old singer, the younger sister of Beyonce, on her Billboard 200 chart-topping LP 'A Seat at the Table' and says her success has long been overdue.

He said: ''Solange is someone I think the game is missing.

''People been talking about Beyonce, even though Beyonce is a big star but Solange been working hard too.''

''She's been putting together her team of people and I feel like we all a part of that support team.''

The president of No Limit Records, whose real name is Percy Miller - also thinks the 'Losing You' hitmaker is a role model for other female musicians and has proved that she can shine despite being in the ''shadows'' of her multi-award-winning superstar sibling.

He told Billboard magazine: ''I think all women should chase their dreams and goals too. She's gonna be motivation for women that have been through a lot and want more out of life without being in the shadows of someone else. I think it's good for the culture and I'm glad I was a part of it.''

Solange - who released her debut LP 'Solo Star' in 2003 - has also taken to Twitter to thank her fans for her third album reaching number one.

The brunette beauty says that making the record has made her a ''better'' person and is the most important art she has made.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: ''Also, thank YOU guys so much for this. Truly only a testament to your connection to the music and the storytelling. I thank you for this ... And I thank you and everyone else who has been a voice for the project ... endlessly. So much gratitude. All love ... all love ... but most of all. I feel like a better human after releasing A Seat AT The Table. A better woman, a better mom, a better wife, Thank You. (sic)''