Solange Knowles is convinced magazine editors fabricate stories about her sister Beyonce expecting a baby whenever they have a slow news day, because the pregnancy rumours occur so frequently.
The Crazy In Love hitmaker and her rapper husband Jay-Z have been dogged by baby claims since exchanging vows in 2008, although the reports have yet to be proved true.
Knowles insists "it's gonna be a beautiful thing" when her sister and brother-in-law finally do start a family of their own, but she admits the constant media speculation gets a little worrying when it's being reported by top news agencies.
She tells WENN, "It's become so redundant now that it doesn't even faze us. It's just something that comes up every couple of months when things are slow, so we don't even really address it because it happens so much.
"It's just sort of a weird thing when such official news outlets (report on the rumours). They don't have their facts checked and they're pretty high level news sources, so it scares me when that happens."