R&B star Solange Knowles was stunned when she finally came round after fainting on a recent flight out of New York - because she didn't realise she had been posting details of her muddled mental state online.
Beyonce's younger sister was treated by doctors after taking flu tablets onboard a plane on Tuesday (17Feb09).
The singer became disorientated after suffering an adverse reaction to the medication - and woke up with medics around her in the baggage claim area of an airport.
And despite continually posting bizarre details of her ordeal on her Twitter page - Knowles insists she has no recollection of making the confused comments.
Taking to her Twitter page again, Knowles writes, "ok. so im just waking up. i feel fine. then someone tells me its all online i OD on Nyquil. yikes. no."
But despite the embarrassment, the star insists she's fine and her reaction was down to dehydration.
She adds, "I went to the hospital, they gave me an Iv of fluids and told me to rest and drink fluids. Thanks everyone who has been concerned.
"When i landed and woke up, i felt weird...i thought from the Nyquil maybe but turns out I was really dehydrated so thats what caused me to faint."
But Knowles insists she will try and refrain from revealing so much personal information in future: "twitter is starting to get me into trouble now.... sheezzzzzuuzzz. im on a twitter diet."