Gareth Pugh won't show in London for the foreseeable future.

The British designer started showing his collections in Paris in 2008 and has no intention to move to his home SOiL any time soon, because he wasn't getting enough respect.

He told "London's changed a lot since I moved to Paris - Giles, Burberry and Matthew Williamson have all started showing here again - but when I left, people weren't taking me seriously. The last show I did in London featured lots of safety pins and one journalist made a comment 'I feel sorry for the intern who had to put that together.' I think Galliano did that in one of his shows, and no one in Paris would ever have made the same comment about his work."

Gareth says he prefers Paris because the final piece is more celebrated rather than the work that went into it.

"The work that goes into these pieces is secondary, people shouldn't be so raw about it. In Paris it's like a badge of honour to put that sort of work into it, but no one talks about it - it would take out the magic. In Paris, you talk about the beauty of a look, not The Hours that went into it - that's not something to flaunt. It's about something being an object of beauty."