Colombian actress Sofia Vergara bribed her young son with cash to help her prepare audition pieces.
The Modern Family star is mum to Manolo, now 18, and when she first began acting, Vergara enlisted her son to help her run through her scripts.
She tells Queensland's Courier-Mail, "When I started acting, I didn't have anyone to run (audition) lines with me, and the only one in my house was him (Manolo).
"I'm like, 'Manolo, I will give you five bucks if you read with me'. He would be so annoyed. He speaks English perfect, Spanish perfect, no accent. He would correct me with a word and then I would do it wrong so he would say, 'Don't even go (to the audition). They won't understand anything'."
Manolo was also the first person Vergara told about her Outstanding Supporting Actress nomination for last year's (10) Emmy Awards.
She adds, "When I was nominated for the Emmy, the first thing I did was rub it in his face. It was like, 'I did it, even with the accent'."