Sofia Vergara has been given a boost after her recent love split - her teenage son has created a sweet video tribute for the actress to mark Mother's Day on Sunday (13May12).
Manolo Gonzalez has compiled home movie footage and personal photos from his childhood to make the short film dedicated to the Modern Family star, who recently broke up with her boyfriend Nick Loeb.
In the clip, which he has posted on, he says, "What I'm most proud of... is that she hasn't changed. She has her career and she still managed to raise me at the same time - that's pretty great. Is my mother a good mother? Yes, she's the best. She's Latin, of course, which means she's very loud, very overprotective... She's a loud Latin mother who calls my name repeatedly! Happy Mother's Day, I love you."
Vergara, who gave birth to Manolo when she was 20, was thrilled with her present, tweeting, "Manolo surprised me with this video for Mother's Day!! Best Mothers Day gift! Gracias (thank you) Manolo Manolo! I love you!"