Actress Sofia Vergara has told her boyfriend not to ruin her Emmy night for a second year - after he was hospitalised days before last year's (10) prizegiving.
The Modern Family star had to nurse lover Nick Loeb back to health after he shattered his pelvis in a car accident - and she couldn't really enjoy her night at the 2010 Emmy Awards.
Nominated again on Thursday (14Jul11), the Colombian star has told Loeb he has to make it up to her this year.
She says, "Last year I was exhausted because four days before (the Emmys) he had the horrible accident, so when I was at the Emmys, I couldn't really enjoy the afterparty. I had to go back early because I had nobody to stay with him in the hospital.
"So I warned him... 'You better not ruin my Emmy afterparty this year'."