Oh dear Sofia Vergara. The Colombian actress is of course one of the most glamorous actresses around and her appearance often lights up the screen - whether the 39 year-old be appearing in the successful comedy series 'Modern Family,' or even in the critically panned 'New Year's Eve' - something with the actress involved is very often a good thing. However we're unsure as to whether Vergara would've planned on allowing quite so much of herself to appear in these latest set of snaps that have been released of the star.

The Huffington Post reports that Vergara was pictured heading outside yesterday comfortably dressed but looking delightful nonetheless, wearing as she was a grey cape, black leggings and accessorising with a Chanel bag, nothing showy there at all - until she turned round that is. Unfortunately for the actress her tasteful leggings weren't so low-key at all, turning out to be completely see-through and giving passers-by a fine and full view of her posterior - great news for them, not so much for poor Sofia.

Given her 2011 however, this is surely a blip at worst for the actress whose made a number of lucrative endorsement appearances this year including for Diet Coke and Xfinity. Even if 'New Year's Eve' has been derided by many, the star also has her first lead role in a film under wraps with the Farrelly Brothers 'Three Stooges' coming out next year - not to mention the ongoing success of 'Modern Family' which is now in its third season.