Sofia Vergara finds it hard to look chic.

The 'Modern Family' actress claims her curvy figure and ample bosom make it hard for her to look elegant and says she is only just mastering the art of dressing more appropriately for her body shape.

She explained: ''I think when you're so voluptuous it's kind of difficult to look chic. When I was younger I though I had to accentuate my boobs all the time because I come from the Latin culture - you think that the more you have, the better you look.

''Now I try to be a little bit more conservative, for example, if I am wearing a low-cut dress, I don't wear a miniskirt. So now I am balanced.''

The Latina beauty always struggles to squeeze her womanly curves into red carpet dresses and admits she spends far more cash on altering them to form an ''armory'' for her breasts than she does on buying the actual garments.

Sofia said in an interview with Vogue: ''I mean, a normal girl will just put the dress on and leave. I need them to be like an armory. You know, I am 40 years old, I had a baby, and I am a 32F boob.

''And they are real still. When they are fake, you take the bra off and they are still there, perfect! Me - no, so I have to bring them up!''

''I spend more money on tweaking and fixing the clothes than the actual clothes ... Once you know how to tweak it, you look like you are well dressed.''