The odd couple will front new E! series Good Work, in which expert Sandra Vergara will attempt to persuade those keen to have plastic surgery to try the latest cosmetics tricks first.

If guests still want to go under the knife on the show, top surgeon Terry Dubrow will give guests the perfect nip and tuck.

RuPaul says, "We are letting out all the secrets that have been in the closet about how to look Hollywood gorgeous. I've done a lot of procedures with my body; plucked, tucked, snipped, but I have never cut myself. These are tricks that people in the middle of nowhere, in Iowa, could do themselves. People are having procedures done; it's not just for Hollywood and New York anymore.

"The show is like coming to a cocktail party and having your favourite plastic surgeon there who you can ask anything! And that's what Dr. Terry Dubrow is like and Sandra (Vergara) is our beauty expert, so she answers all the questions you have about the latest lip gloss or hair procedure or dermatological procedure."

Vergara adds, "I will give you the alternative make-up and beauty tricks to attain the same thing. Like, if you want to get your breasts (done), I can show you a bunch of tricks, like chicken cutlets. I will do field segments where I will try all these things as well; these procedures. I'll have someone who has a chicken neck and I had a class called Kung Fu vagina that's going to be in the show. It's amazing. It's the new craze; the new Hollywood thing!"