Nick Loeb filed suit against Vergara last week (ends17Apr15) in an effort to prevent his ex from destroying the embryos the former couple had frozen together.

The actress' lawyer fired back at the lawsuit on Friday (17Apr15), insisting his client had no intention to destroy them, but that hasn't appeased her former lover, who has posted his response on his attorney's website.

It reads: "I have always strongly believed that life begins at conception and that every embryo is life on the journey towards birth. I created these two female embryos with the purpose of taking them to term and not destruction, because I have always dreamed of being a father.

"I have previously offered to waive any parental or financial responsibilities or obligations on the part of my ex, and to even give her the opportunity to be involved with the child in the future, should she change her mind. I take the responsibility and obligation of being a parent very seriously."

The Modern Family star herself has yet to comment on the story or her ex-boyfriend's lawsuit.