Sofia Vergara, the Columbian actress best known for her role on hit ABC sitcom 'Modern Family', has revealed her secret to "looking great". Vergara has been featured in People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful' issue and almost topped AskMen's 'Most Desirable Women' list, losing out to winner Blake Lively.
The actress plays a French cosmetics executive in the upcoming family flick 'The Smurfs', but Vergara admits to using a "balanced approach" to looking good, telling Fox411, "Everything in moderation. Not too much food, not too much exercise, not too much anything. Everything in moderation". In terms of skincare, she recommends "doing the things that your dermatologist tells you to do" and wearing plenty of sun block on sunny days. Sofia, who plays the wife of Ed O'Neill's character in 'Modern Family', says she has no problem being considered a sex symbol, saying, "I love it. Of course, it's great at my age. It's fantastic.I think that everything that is positive and good helps out with your career. Why not embrace it and take advantage?"
As well as her appearance in 'The Smurfs', Sofia Vergara is set to appear in 'New Year's Eve' - the highly anticipated romantic comedy starring Robert De Niro and Ashton Kutcher. She has also begun shooting the Farrelly Brothers comedy 'The Three Stooges'.