Sofia Vergara is considering having a ''tiny'' wedding.

The 'Modern Family' star hasn't started planned her upcoming nuptials with fiancé Nick Loeb, but she's considering a small affair to avoid the pressure of outdoing her recent 40th birthday bash.

She told Extra: ''I did such a big party for my 40th birthday, that now either I do something more or I do something even better than that. I can't do something in the middle or the same. I'm giving myself time. Maybe I'll just do something really tiny, like my son and my mother and that's it.''

The Emmy-nominated actress recently revealed she never intended to remarry after her split from childhood sweetheart Joe Gonzalez nearly two decades ago.

Sofia - who has 20-year-old son Manolo from her relationship with Joe -said: ''I never really planned on getting married again. I had my son and it just wasn't a priority. But I love being in love, and I'm very happy right now. It's perfect.''

Sofia, 40, recently revealed she has frozen her eggs so she and Nick can have a baby in the future if they want.

She said: ''[At] 40 years old nothing happens that naturally anymore ... we just wanted to plan ahead.

''I already froze my eggs. I wanted to take advantage of science. I took them out already. They're in the refrigerators. Hopefully, they'll be fresh by the time I use them.''