Sofia Vergara will never ''apologies'' for being sexy.

The 'Modern Family' actress - who was once voted the third most beautiful woman in the world - is happy to be considered attractive and she intends to make the most of her eye-popping curves because she knows her body won't always look great.

The 40-year-old star said: ''Look, I'm 40 years old and have been in the entertainment world for 23 years. I know there's always someone younger and prettier on the horizon, so if you don't have anything else to fall back on, you're long gone.

''I don't feel the need to apologies for my looks - I always took advantage of them and the doors they opened for me. Likewise, I never felt I had to prove my intelligence or how business-minded I am.''

However, her looks have become the butt of the joke in her household, particularly with her son, who enjoys mocking her when she isn't looking her most beautiful .

She told Glamour magazine: ''Six months ago, there was this internet story saying I was I was the third most beautiful woman, behind Mila Kunis and someone else who is, like, 20 years younger than me.

''The next day, I'd just woken up - not looking my best, because I'd had a few drinks the night before and Manolo starts calling my boyfriend, going, 'Hey, come and take a look at the third most beautiful woman in the world!' ''