Actress Sofia Vergara used to meet her boyfriends in hotel rooms to avoid awkward encounters with her son.

The Modern Family beauty, who became a mum at the age of 20, moved to Miami, Florida after leaving her native Colombia and admits she used to go to great lengths to shield Manolo from her potential suitors in case her relationships didn't work out.

She has since found love with businessman fiance Nick Loeb, but Vergara admits it took her some time to adapt to living with a man again after spending years dressing down around her child.

The 40 year old tells Cosmopolitan magazine, "No one can be a sex kitten every day, and anyone who tells you that is lying. But I do wear negligees and Japanese silk robes. For a long time, I lived alone with my son and only saw my boyfriends in a hotel. So at home, I slept in old T-shirts. I realised when I moved in with Nick that I couldn't do that. Now, I only keep nice pyjamas around, because whatever is there, I'm going to wear."