Sofia Vergara describes going to the gym as ''torture''.

The 40-year-old actress is known for her killer curves and although she works hard to maintain them, she ''hates'' the physical routine to keep in shape.

She said: ''I have very good luck because I have a good figure. And when I moved to LA and decided to act, I understood that working out and eating healthier was part of ageing well so I accepted it. I hate it.

''For me, it's torture to go to the gym. I'm in a bad mood before I'm going, while I'm doing it. I mean, I hate my trainer! But then it's a reality. And I have accepted it as part of my hob and as part of trying to be healthy.''

Although the 'Modern Family' star is happy with her looks at 40, she admits to feeling pressure with her job - especially now the technology has advanced.

Sofia added: ''I know I look good for 40, but it's not the same. And now with high-definition television, it's why, why? Somebody has to stop this torture!

''You don't want to see the imperfections in people. I think we should abolish it!''