The Modern Family beauty was surrounded by friends and relatives as she unveiled the prestigious pavement plaque, while her sitcom co-star Eric Stonestreet delivered a speech gushing about his pal.

Giving thanks for the honour, an emotional Vergara told the crowd, "I have to calm myself because my English is not going to be very good this time. It is unbelievable for me to be standing here today with all of you. I don't have anything to say but thank you."

The actress gave special shout outs to the creators of Modern Family and her family, who flew in from Miami, Florida for the occasion, but there was one person she forgot to mention during her time on the podium.

Vergara realised her mistake moments after stepping offstage, prompting her to race back to the platform and reveal she would have been late to her own party had Magic Mike hunk Manganiello not been by her side to keep her on schedule.

She added, "Wait, I forgot to thank my handsome fiance for always making me be on time... I almost missed my start today! Thank you. I love you."

The couple, which became engaged in December (14), is due to wed later this year (15).