Sofia Vergara used to be embarrassed by her large breasts.

The 'Modern Life' star - who has a 34DD chest - hated her huge boobs when she was a teenager but admitted she is grateful for them now.

Sofia - who grew up in Columbia - said: "I was very skinny and I was very voluptuous . Now, they're fantastic. But when you're 13 years old?!"

The 38-year-old star was discovered in Colombia at the age of 17, when a talent scout saw her walking on a beach and invited her to appear in a Pepsi commercial, however the actress - who plays feisty Colombian housewife Gloria Delgado-Prichett in Emmy Award-winning comedy series 'Modern Family' - admitted she had never considered a career in showbiz until then.

She explained on NBC's 'Inside The Actors Studio': "It was huge. After [the commercial] they wanted me to act, to be a TV host, everything. But I just wanted to get married [and] go to dentist school. I didn't finish though, because all of the opportunities [that arose]."