Sofia Vergara wants to look as ''hot'' as possible.

The 'Modern Family' actress has always made the most of her looks and takes such pride in her appearance that she would never leave the house without looking red-carpet ready.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''I know what kinds of dresses make me look good. I know I can't wear backless gowns as there's nothing to support my boobs! I also know that I can look very good in red and certain kinds of tight-fitting strapless outfits. I have stylists but I've always had a pretty good fashion sense.

''I won't go out of the house without getting dressed up and wearing make-up because I don't want paparazzi photos of myself looking a mess all over the Internet. I don't mind, I'm a Latina and love looking as hot as possible.''

The sexystar is as famous for her beauty as her TV shows, but she insists she doesn't mind and is glad her appearance has given her a platform to launch her acting career.

She explained: ''I know my looks are what got me attention in the first place but I had more to deliver than that. I had an outgoing personality that earned me a following on TV, first in Colombia and in the Latin market.

''I've never been embarrassed by making money from my having a certain image. You work with what you have. I'm proud of the fact that love been able to make a lot of money from my business ideas and market myself in a positive way.''