Sofia Coppola advised Kirsten Dunst against getting her teeth fixed because she prefers ''imperfect'' actresses.

The Academy Award-winning director has reunited with Kirsten for her new drama movie 'The Beguiled', in which she plays the part of teacher Edwina Morrow, and Sofia has admitted to liking the blonde actress' natural appearance, including her slightly crooked smile.

Asked why she implored Kirsten to keep her appearance the same, Sofia explained: ''There is a pressure for women to be perfect and you see so many actresses who have perfect teeth and everything is symmetrical.

''I love faces that look natural and imperfect, I think that's more interesting. It feels like there is a red carpet Hollywood look that is so perfect when in the past there were different kinds of faces - like the actresses from the 70s.

''Now actresses have to be like models but I'm always drawn to women who feel real.''

Sofia - who is the daughter of the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola - also rubbished suggestions she told Kirsten to lose weight for the movie, which centres on an injured soldier who finds himself on the run during the American Civil War.

Clarifying her original remarks, Sofia told Stylist magazine: ''I don't remember how it was said but I remember we talked about the role and I maybe said, 'Oh, it's the Civil War so they all have to look like they don't have a lot,' or something. But I didn't tell her to lose weight.''

In fact, Sofia - who previously worked with Kirsten on 'The Virgin Suicides' in 1999 - said she considers the actress to be like a ''sister'' to her.

She explained: ''I've known Kirsten a long time - since she was 16. She's like a sister to me and I trust her so much.''