Sofia Coppola hates being called a "style icon".

The 'Somewhere' director - who has also worked as a model, photographer and TV presenter - is surprised when people cite her as a fashion inspiration and never thinks of herself in that way.

She said: "I don't think of myself in the way I think of Tina Chow or Diana Vreeland or someone I thought was stylish when I was a kid. I just don't think about it."

However Sofia - who has also designed a line of bags for Louis Vuitton with her close friend Marc Jacobs - admitted she does love "beautiful things".

She added to Britain's Vogue magazine: "I like beautiful things. I like photography, well-made clothes. I appreciate creativity. I tend to like things that are more simple and classic. Not super-glitzy, I guess. I wouldn't describe my aesthetic as bling."

While Sofia's own style may be revered, she tries not to impose her classic look on her four-year-old daughter Romy.

Sofia - who also has a five-month-old daughter Cosima with her boyfriend Thomas Mars - said: "I'm just thinking about how my four-year-old is really into Pink and purple and sparkles right now and I don't want to inhibit her by forcing navy-blue clothes on her.

"I have to not be a snob when it comes to toddlers."