Sofia Coppola refuses to follow her legendary father's film directing methods - because being quiet and polite works just as well for her.

The daughter of celebrated film-maker Francis Ford Coppola made waves with her debut feature film THE VIRGIN SUICIDES - which introduced the world to a grown-up KIRSTEN DUNST - and she's received rave reviews for her latest picture, the BILL MURRAY-starring Lost In Translation.

But Sofia insists she's developed an on-set style that's completely her own, because she could never match up to her GODFATHER dad's well-known behaviour.

She laughs, "I have never tried to change my personality to be more like my father. We approach things completely differently.

"He came on the set of the Virgin Suicides and told me, 'You should say 'Action!' louder, more from your diaphragm.'

"I thought, 'Okay, you can go now.'

"I may say it differently, but I still get what I want."

23/09/2003 20:02