Sofia Coppola believes celebrity culture in America is out of control.

'The Bling Ring' director wrote the movie about a real-life story based on five fame-hungry teenagers who raid the homes of the rich and famous and she insists people have become too obsessed with the lives of high profile stars.

She said: ''I see celebrity culture as some kind of guilty-pleasure thing that you look at once in a while. But now it's become the dominating thing in our culture in America. It's out of control.''

The 42-year-old producer filmed part of the movie at the home of Paris Hilton who was one of the gang's victims after they burgled her luxury property and Sofia admits the heiress became very ''emotional'' during the filming.

She told Radar Magazine: ''I was curious to hear her point of view. She really liked the movie and she said that she got emotional when she saw them in her house because it brought back that time for her.''

Speaking about whether she can relate to Paris and her lifestyle she added: ''I don't really relate our backgrounds at all. To me, she's very exotic. I like her. She's a very warm person. But I didn't really think about any connections.''