Movie maker Sofia Coppola was so impressed with Bill Murray's efforts to get in shape for her new movie Lost In Translation, she filmed him swimming to show him how good he looked.

Coppola wrote the lead role in her film with 52-year-old Murray in mind, and she was thrilled when he revealed he was getting fit for the part.

She says, "I was glad when he showed up all buff and tan. We lingered on the swimming shot a little longer so you could see his back muscles. He was so proud."

And Coppola served up another treat for Murray - on the golf course.

She filmed one golfing scene at Tokyo's exclusive MOUNT FUJI CLUB, and then treated her golf-loving star to a free round.

Murray says, "I crushed the ball and that was my day's work. The crew went back to shoot in town, and I played the rest of the course."

12/09/2003 09:29