Film-maker Sofia Coppola immediately apologised after learning of her OSCAR nominations for LOST IN TRANSLATION - because her early-morning celebrating woke up fellow hotel guests.

Coppola was at a Los Angeles hotel yesterday morning (27JAN04) with her agent and producer Ross Katz when she heard her sleeper hit had been nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor, for Bill Murray's efforts.

Katz says, "I went down to (Sofia's) room and we had our pyjamas on and we got up at 5 (am) and sat nervously watching and then started screaming.

"I think we definitely woke up a few people. 'Shut up!' 'I'm really sorry. We just nominated for ACADEMY awards!'"

Coppola, who ordered a huge room service breakfast of eggs, bacon and champagne, adds, "I don't usually have champagne at 6 in the morning."

29/01/2004 17:02