OSCAR-winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola is "furious" with legendary actor ALAIN DELON - after the Frenchman reportedly used her offer of a role in upcoming movie MARIE ANTOINETTE for his own publicity.

Lost In Translation director Coppola is currently shooting her film in France and thought she'd found the perfect actor to play monarch LOUIS XV in UN FLIC star Delon.

However, Coppola eventually settled on US actor Rip Torn after Delon turned her offer down - leaving Coppola upset.

A source tells website PAGESIX.COM, "Delon led her to believe she could talk him into accepting the role. He invited her to see him in a play, and she went backstage afterward where there were two photographers waiting to take pictures of her and Delon. Then they went out to dinner.

"The next morning, the photos of her and Delon appeared in the papers having been obviously pre-planned, with captions saying that Delon had refused Coppola's offer.

"He has gone on to say that he can't be in a movie where he has to wear a wig, but that he would do any contemporary movie she offered him.

"Obviously, Delon had staged the evening as publicity for himself. Sofia is furious."

A spokesperson for Coppola says, "Sofia is too busy right now to be upset, and she is quite happy with Rip Torn in that role."

01/04/2005 17:30