Over $1 million worth of jewellery scheduled to be loaned to stars has been stolen from a hotel in Cannes.

French police have confirmed the expensive accessories - intended to be worn by celebrities during the annual film festival - were taken from a safe in a Novotel room belonging to an employee of Swiss jewellers Chopard, who have sponsored the event for the past 16 years.

The thieves forced the box off the wall and retreated with the pieces on Friday (17.05.13) - the same day as Sofia Coppola debuted her latest film, 'The Bling Ring'.

However, company spokeswoman Raffaella Rossiello claims the reports are exaggerated and told the BBC that ''the jewellery stolen is not part of the collection... worn by actresses during the Cannes Film Festival''.

The event's top accolade designed by the Swiss company, the Palme d'Or, is still safe.

Dozens of female stars have been spotted sparkling in the brand's pieces so far, including Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, Lana Del Rey and Julianne Moore.

Chopard are set to dazzle as the festivities continue this week and have already taken hoards of requests from actors and their stylists on which items they plan on wearing.

Co-vice-president Caroline Scheufele said: ''The Americans are so organised. They know what dress they're wearing months before and they tell us how their hair will be.

''The Europeans are much cooler about the whole thing. They don't have an entourage around them. Things can change at the last minute.''