Former British urban act So Solid Crew bandmember MEGAMAN is on trial for murder for the third time in London's Old Bailey court. The rapper, real name Dwayne Vincent, is accused of aiding and abetting friend Carl Morgan to shoot 24-year-old Colin Scarlett in Tooting, south London in 2004. Morgan, 24, was found guilty of murdering Scarlett last year (05), but Vincent is standing trial for the third time due to "various technical and administrative reasons", JUDGE MARTIN STEPHENS told the jury today (04SEP06). Morgan was said to have killed Scarlett following a fight between the two men earlier in the day, which saw the murder victim attack Morgan in front of his ex-girlfriend - who was then dating Scarlett. JEREMY DONNE, QC prosecuting lawyer, said, "Morgan enlisted the help of Vincent and others and armed himself with a self loading .32 pistol and live ammunition. When they found Mr Scarlett, there was a brief encounter before Morgan with Vincent's encouragement and support, shot him dead. This is a case about humiliation - or disrespect - fermenting a desire for revenge." The case continues.