British rap collective So Solid Crew have hit headlines again after armed police were called to break up trouble at a video shoot.

Police in east London were tipped off that 20 youths were planning to confront an un-named member of the group at music venue the Round Chapel.

The rapper then had to be escorted to safety as the youths yelled abuse and threw eggs at the building.

A Police spokesperson says, "A group of around 20 youths had arrived at the venue and began throwing eggs at people going in and out of the venue.

"Police officers went there and escorted the target - a member of the band - away to his car."

The collective have been at the centre of controversy since they burst on the music scene three years ago (01).

Band member Asher D was jailed for possessing a weapon and earlier this month a fifth man was sentenced to life for a murder committed outside one of their gigs.

29/07/2004 17:29