Former So Solid Crew rapper MEGAMAN is refusing to let the time he spent in prison on a murder charge ruin his life, because it ended up being a "reality check" which "focused" his mind again. Megaman - real name Dwayne Vincent- was cleared of murder in London's Old Bailey court last month (SEP06). He was accused of aiding and abetting friend Carl Morgan to shoot 24-year-old Colin Scarlett in 2004. However, Vincent believes he can use the experience to his benefit, as success was starting to go to his head before he was wrongly incarcerated. He tells MTV, "I ain't gonna let prison get me angry and then spend my life battling the system. "I'll tell you how it was for me. I was innocent. I look at my hands and say these hands are clean. These hands ain't taken no life. "Prison for me was a blessing in disguise. I didn't appreciate the little things (before). The hype, the glamour, a lot of things get to you and in the midst of trying to stay focused you tend to slip off and be an a**ehole now and again. So for me prison was a reality check. "I've learnt a lot, but through the pain and tears there's gonna be a lot of happy days."