British So Solid Crew rapper KAISH found it difficult to cope with prison because he knew he was innocent of the charges levelled against him.

The 21 SECONDS TO GO hitmaker was held on remand for four months after being charged with offering to supply drugs, but was dramatically released in June (03) when the case against him collapsed.

Kaish says, "Being inside was pretty depressing. It must be hard being in jail if you're guilty, but when you know you're innocent it's even worse.

"I did get some s**t from prisoners but you quickly realise that there's a lot of talk inside, but little action. Most of the guys I met were interested in what I do. I taught some guys to MC.

"I'd spend most of my time writing songs and reading the BIBLE, especially the Psalms. It was very helpful. I kept my head down and did my jobs - cleaning gardening, stuff like that."

21/08/2003 21:17