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Snowden Anti-Anti Album

The maudlin, streetwise and worldly nature of Jordan Jeffares strikes you immediately like a slow but well placed blow in 'Like Bullets'. It is as though through his Atlanta outfit Snowden, he has said to all the emo bands; 'you're thoughts may become clearer if you slow down enough to be able to notice them yourself'. A rumbling and slightly ambient accompaniment creates a musical gravel pathway for Jeffares to vocally meander down. The downtrodden lyrics dug up from the recesses of the heart are life grappling emo to be proud of, or ashamed of, if you are a musical snob;

"I push the pull too but when I see you move
I know it's just business as usual.
We can walk like bullets and talk like bullets
In and out your face but you'll never notice."

There is an increasing pub crawl aspect to the vocals as the album progresses, Jaffares' voice appears like it is emerging out of an increasing alcohol pit that adds to the downtrodden feel, such as in 'My Murmuring Darling'. It is apparent through numbers like 'Black Eyes' that this foray is not so much a soul searching journey, but a hanging out to dry of it, as it has been stained by the world's ways. The instrumental arrangement becomes quite chilling and sombre for the aforementioned track and helps to give Snowden a The Cure meets Sonic Youth vibe, shrouding matters in reflection. Marching percussion grabs hold of you and drags you into the fuzzy guitar led, lurid web of backstabbing and deceit in 'Counterfeit Rules'. This lends itself to the sharp narrative of the vocals, enabling Jaffares to be at his most convincing. That poignancy is not recaptured on the remainder of the album, but what remains is still enough to keep you tuned into the mindset of this cohesive, haunting and troubled outfit.

Rating; 7/10

David Adair

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