Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody cringes when he recalls how he used to behave like a cliched rock star after recording the Northern Irish band's 1998 debut album. The RUN star admits his behaviour left a lot to be desired when the band toured SONGS FOR POLAR BEARS. He says, "I used to be a total w**ker. "After that first record I just assumed I'd be a rock 'n' roll star. It was practically the only thing I lived for. "Now I feel a lot less like a pop star than ever. We do these shows, or go to these parties, and we're surrounded by real pop stars, proper movie stars, icons, you know? "And we always feel slightly dishevelled, slightly apart, like we live in our own little world and don't really belong. I mean we don't get hassled in the street, and paparazzi don't chase us and we aren't really lumbered with any of the trappings of fame. "We don't really get the ego kicking in."