Snow Patrol has predicted they will develop new pet hates towards one another.

The British rock band, which is comprised of Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Paul Wilson, Jonny Quinn, and Johnny McDaid, have admitted they haven't been on tour for five years and don't get bothered by each others annoying habits, but have hinted they will soon find new nuances with the group within the next 12 months.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about their pet hates towards their band mates, the 'Chasing Cars' hitmakers said: ''We haven't toured for five years so no, but ask us that next year.''

The group, who formed in 1993, have admitted throughout their 22-years at the helm of the music industry they have been faced with ''insurmountable brick walls'', which they have managed to overcome.

They added: ''We've been together 22 years, we come against what feels like insurmountable brick walls but you get through them if you stick together.''

And the biggest obstacle the boy band have faced is balancing their home life with touring and the hectic schedule, which comes with their successful music career.

When asked about the biggest obstacle they have been forced to overcome, they explained: ''People not taking you seriously and its hard on your family at the start, but it happens at most bands.''

And they find ''writers block'' can be problematic when they are creating new music.

Speaking about the secrets to making a hit record, Lightbody said: ''When you don't have writers block. I think there are a whole lot of different things that go into it. A great idea is the only place to start; jamming isn't really our style.

''It sort of comes to life if someone brings an idea into the room and everyone plays it for the same time. After about five or six times round we start to make our way into it and it starts to make something big.